Ivo Kruusamägi
Main organizer (🇪🇪)
Nicolás Tamargo
Technical Assistance (🇪🇸/🇪🇪)

Academic Committee

Alessandro Marchetti, PhD

Promotion Team

Mascha Stroobant
Marine Biology (🇧🇪/🇿🇦)


Each participating country has its own jury to select the local winners that will participate in the international final. Those jury members were presented in the local competition subpages rather than here. Most local winners should be announced in early 2022.

On the international level there are two juries: one to select entries from countries without a local jury so that submissions from these countries can also advance to the final, and the main jury that selects the final winners.

For the jurors, a link to their Wikidata item is provided.

The members of the international jury are:


The members of the jury that selected the finalists from the countries without a local team:

This second level jury is composed of both academic and Wikimedia volunteers, and they will also help to reuse, promote and catalog the materials on Wikimedia platforms.


For information on previous editions of the contest, see the archived pages: 2019 / 2017.