Special prize for China

A special prize will be offered to the best image of Wiki Science Competition 2017 from the People’s Republic of China. The prize will be offered by juror Alessandro Marchetti as a personal show of gratitude for his two year stay in this country.

A winner will be selected from the Chinese finalists, and he or she will be offered a short weekend in the West Lake UNESCO World Heritage Site, including a free 2nd class train ticket back and forth to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, dinner at the restaurant and a one-night stay at a nice international youth hostel close to the scenic lake area. For people living close to the area who can come in one day, a simple back and forth ticket and a 1000 yuan cash prize can be offered.

In case no Chinese picture will qualify for the final round, this special national prize can still be awarded, unless the quality of all images is considered too low.

17-12-01 PRC RenMinBi banknotes